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Did Hunter Biden steal info from FAMILY MEMBERS’ phones?

It’s not looking good for Hunter Biden. The Washington Examiner reports that information found on Hunter's laptop suggests ‘he took personal data from his sister-in-law’s cellphones...without her consent.’ If true, that means Hunter may have violated FEDERAL law. So will Joe Biden deny this story next?

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GLENN: Have you seen the latest on the Hunter Biden laptop?

STU: No. I have not.

GLENN: Okay. Are you still interested?

STU: I'm definitely interested.

GLENN: Okay. Because it's getting much, much worse for Hunter Biden and Joe Biden.

STU: Hmm.

GLENN: So here's the latest from the Washington Examiner. Records located on a copy of Hunter Biden's laptop, suggest he took personal data, from his sister-in-law's cell phone over a dozen times, between 2017 and 2018, without her consent.

This is according to a former Secret Service agent who has testified in over 100 classified criminal and civil matters at state, federal, and international level as a cyber forensics expert. The data Biden extracted from i Phones is owned by Hallie Biden, the widow of his deceased brother, Beau Biden. It includes her text messages, photos, notes, call logs, calendars, and over 120 voice mails. Hallie Biden's texts and voice mails were located on Hunter Biden's laptop, were mostly personal in nature. But their indicate she was very aware of his former business dealings in China.

The whole Joe Biden, I didn't know. We didn't know. It's so clear on these things, that they just found.

STU: Hmm.

GLENN: Cyber forensic expert commissioned by the Washington Examiner, to examine a copy of Hunter Biden's laptop, which was abandoned in a Delaware commuter shop. Blah, blah, blah.

Show that he may have violated federal law, if he extracted Hallie Berry -- Hallie Biden's phone data.

STU: Or Halle Berrys.

GLENN: Yeah, voice mails without her consent.

STU: So was he spying on his sister? Is that what this was?

GLENN: So here's what it is. The alleged violations of federal computer fraud, and abuse. Typically the Justice Department, treats the unauthorized access into other people's computers, as very serious.

Bear in mind, from a national security perspective, Hunter Biden himself is among the least significant aspects of the Biden investigation. To the extent of his computer files show potentially unlawful activity and shady foreign business arrangements.

This is grist for blackmail. Hallie Biden is Hunter Biden's sister-in-law. They began a romantic relationship, they say, after her husband and his brother, Beau died of brain cancer.

STU: There are so many aspects of this story, that are incomprehensible. That if you put them in a movie, it would be so implausible, it would not work.

GLENN: Okay. So text messages between Hunter and Hallie Biden on the drive, show the two were engaged in an extremely contentious romantic relationship, before and during the time, where he was extracting data from her cell phone. The messages show Hunter Biden often accused Hallie Biden of cheating on him with a man named David Walsh. You are heartless, and I will not be treated like a second fiddle, not only by Beau, but now by David.

Hunter texted Hallie Biden this on April 28th, 2017. I think your affair with David started innocently enough. The truth is sex is irrelevant. David is irrelevant. The only thing that I can't abide by is the lie.

Hunter Biden first extracted personal data from her cell phone, the evening of May 31st. Records from the drive show records obtained from the transfer, including Biden's text message history with Walsh.

He then started throwing these things back at her. You met him at this time.

And she's like, I don't know what you're doing, but you got to stop doing this right now.

She then was writing and saying, look, everybody knows about his dealings with China. And we -- and we have to get him back into the fold here. Because I don't know what he's doing. Because he's gone off the rails. This all in and more, all in his laptop. Things are not going to go well there, if we trust our justice system.

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