Larry Carrico, Owner/Founder Rent One and RNR Tires Midwest

Larry Carrico, Owner/Founder Rent One and RNR Tires Midwest


“You Can Have Everything You Want In Life,

If You Will Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want.” – Zig Ziglar

With this as a guiding principle, I have spent a lifetime helping others achieve greater success.

With more than 35 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, I’ve become proficient in growing

multiple businesses, and developing practices, people, and opportunity along the way. Since

1985, with a great team effort, we’ve grown rent-to-own operations from one store to over

100, franchised 10 wheel/tire locations, built a real estate division within the company, and

much more.

In that time, I’ve developed a passion for community service and educating others on the

value of giving back. I take pride in an extensive record of “helping other people get what they

want,” and holding a primary goal to be effective in bettering communities and lives, spending

time where it makes a real difference. I’ve tutored, taught, coached, built homes with Habitat

for Humanity, raised funds, organized legislative efforts, and led countless employees to

better lives through better training, effective communications, and realized opportunity. My

enthusiasm for continuing education and technology as drivers for growth have proven to lead

to greater prosperity for all.

Above all my accomplishments, I hold success as a family man above all the rest and am

most proud of my 39-year marriage to Sharon, my three children, and five grandchildren. I

look forward to serving McKendree University and their students, continuing my life quest to

help others achieve success.

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