Del's Financial Freedom Program

January 27th & 28th, 2024

Cincinnati, OH



The Del Walmsley Radio Show is where the hype ends and the help begins. Del Walmsley’s “Edutainment” style keeps his listeners coming back for more day after day while empowering them to reach their goals. He destroys the myths that keep the middle class enslaved to the government and corporations that consume their lives. Del sets his listeners free by giving them the right map. 


Del Walmsley says it like it is. Did you know the stock market was not created to make investors’ money? Or that your 401K and IRA can keep you from retirement? When have you ever heard someone tell you that you can retire in 2-5 years, no matter your age? Has anyone told you that if you’ve been good with your money and smart with your time, you probably have enough savings to retire right now if you deploy your savings the right way? Del will tell you all of this and more…inflation is a myth, gold is just a rock, more education and effort will only get you further from your goals, and flipping houses is just another job, even though everyone else calls it real estate investing.


Tune into the radio show to hear about Del’s map to the lifestyle you’ve always wanted – without sacrificing your health, your relationships, or your beliefs. On every show, Del shares how you can achieve the kind of success he has experienced. Del does not have secrets, he doesn’t have anything “new”, there is no secret formula. In fact, what Del teaches is age-old wisdom.


Del’s map shows you how to build wealth and realized monthly income streams through real estate investing. It will set you free. Warning, you’ll never be the same and your friends may not understand what you are doing…and that’s a good thing!


In 1990, after only two years of investing in real estate, Del Walmsley used the income from his single-family rent houses to replace his earned income and quit his job as Director of Sales with Bally’s Health Clubs. Today, Del is a self-made multimillionaire dedicated to teaching and mentoring others to attain the lifestyle they desire without sacrificing their health, relationships, or beliefs.


Del founded Lifestyles Unlimited Inc.â, now 40,000 members strong across the United States, with the goal of helping others attain financial freedom through real estate investing. He has taught his students to use real estate to build realized recurring passive income streams.


Del has served as the Chairman of the Houston Apartment Association and the National Apartment Association Independent Real Estate Owners Council (IROC). He has also won the Houston Apartment Association and the National Apartment Association Independent Real Estate Owners Investor of the Year Awards. His students have won local, state, and national Investor of the Year Awards 13 of the last 13 years. They have been dubbed “the winningest group of Real Estate Investors in the country.”


In 2016, Del won the Educator of the Year award, an honor bestowed on innovators who have proven themselves to be stellar role models and leaders based on their sound business practices, high ethical standards, and dedication to moving real estate investing forward as a respected industry niche and avenue for wealth building. In 2018, Del was recognized by the Houston Better Business Bureau as a Winner of Distinction for Service Excellence


Del has an impressive track record as an investor, educator, mentor, and TV and Radio host. Del has been on the airwaves in Texas and a few select markets across the United States for years. In 2014, Del syndicated his National radio show and can now be heard across the nation and in a few other countries.


Del’s goal in life is to help as many people as possible buy their lives back from corporate America so they can do what they want, when they want with whomever they want. Del knows it’s not the money, it’s the lifestyle.